GOBI stones with color of Mongolian desert sand


GOBI stones with color of Mongolian desert sand are the product of a mixture of The innovative production technology, high-quality materials, perfect workmanship and 35-years producent experience allow you to use the pool edge for many years. Thanks to its thickness, they are indestructible, there is no risk of breakage. Ressistant to high and very low temperatures. The "Gobi" stones are characterized by high quality and modern design. From the detail, through design and ending on a high quality, these stones inspire trust and desire.
The "Gobi" stones are enjoying eyes calm and sunny warmth, creating a great atmosphere and perfect design. Both your pool and garden can be a unique and exclusive place, thanks to the "Gobi" stones, which provide a broad spectrum of designing the pool edge and the beach. The porous surface reduces the risk of slipping and facilitates water drainage.