Oblong steel pools


Perfect swimming pools for the gardens and inside the house. Simple construction, fast installation, which you can do by yourself, long-term usage, round shape, low installation costs are advantages of these pools, that determine the choice of these pools by many people. The pool is placed on a hard, flat, leveled floor. The wall is mounted on the upper and lower profiles. Is connected together with special aluminum profile. The inside is covered with blue PVC liner. The liner can also be ordered in other colors or patterns.

The liner is equipped with a special roller, which is mounted in the profile mounted on the wall of the pool. This allows the exchange of the liner in the future, there is no need to remove stones located on the edge of the pool. Durability of the pool wall, depending on the amount of the groundwater in the year, is 15-20 years. Durability of the liner, depending on the type and amount of used chemicals, is 8-12 years.

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