Types of TebasLED bulbs


This is a completely new way for lighting the pool. The LEDs lighten water in an amazing way. A special advantage of this lighting is a very long lifetime of bulbs if electrical connection is done propely, low current consumption, lack of maintenance activities, no thermal problems associated with heating up the bulbs. Depending on the size of the pool and desired effect is calculated the appropriate quantity of the lamps. RGB lamps are changing colors. Deciding on LED lighting, remember that running costs are very low and quickly compensate for investment costs. LED lamps have a high efficiency of 25%. Efficiency is the ratio of the emitted light power to electrical energy used. LED lamps are characterized by high luminous efficacy approx. 100 lm/W (standard bulb has 15 lm/W). Luminous efficacy is the ratio of emitted luminous flux to electrical energy consumed.