Water curtains Capri, Bali i Mini Bali


Water curtains and stream showers give a stream of water, which is a massage and also the visual attraction of your swimming pool. All steel components require special maintenance in order to prevent the destruction of the steel. They must be compulsory earthed. Are given the recommended average flow, which can be reduced or increased depending on the desired effect.

Capri water curtain, focused nozzle

flow 25 m3/h, steel AISI316, pipe diameter 90 mm.

Capri water curtian, wide nozzle

flow 30 m3/h, steel AISI316, pipe diameter 90 mm.

Bali water curtain polished and curtain mat

flow 45 m3/h, steel 316.

MiniBali water curtain

flow 30 m3/h, steel 304. Height 488 mm, width 350 mm. Separate mounting set is not needed.