Badu Jet suspended massages water massage


Masaże zawieszane Badu Jet

Are ideal for later installation in all of the swimming pools. The pleasure and the atractiveness of the bath increases in proportion to the time spent with the Badu Jet. Are powered by 230 or 400 V. Turning on and regulation of air inflow is activated from the pool. The nozzles have regulated outflow strength and are readjusted. Inconspicuous-looking Badu Jet at the picture, in fact are powerful machines, which are not easy to overcome. Sporty and elegant look of the new generation Badu Jet, created by professional designers. Technology advanced material used in the production from a practical point of view provides a perfect look for years. High quality material offers excellent resistance and housing soundness. A special coating, giving white, shiny finish, improves resistance to sratches, UV radiation and chemicals.

The units are factory equipped with white or color LED lighting. Regulation of the water outflow takes place on the nozzles, which can be rotated in all directions. In the machine are built-in the power switch and the LED lighting switch. The Badu Jet is undoubtedly attraction for each using the pool, especially for children.

The Perla and Riva have 1 nozzle.

The Stella is the strongest 2-nozzles massage.