Danubi Series Extra class


High efficiency plastic centrifugal pumps, ideal for high flow rates.

Hydraulic efficiency without prefilter of up to 85% depending on model. Independent 25-litre 6” x 6” prefilter with transparent polycarbonate cover allowing you to easily check the state of the prefilter basket.

Pump body made of state-of-the-art thermoplastics resistant to swimming pool chemicals, guaranteeing a long high-performance life. Plastic turbine, with no metal parts coming in contact with the water. High-performance mechanical seal suitable also for sea water work! Motors with IP-55 protection enclosure operating at 1,500 rpm, three-phase power supply classified as premium or high efficiency (IE3 or IE2, depending on model). AISI-316 (A4) grade stainless steel nuts and bolts. Standard 6” x 5” pump connections.

Available versions: 7.5 HP, 5.5 kW ; 10 HP, 7.4 kW ; 15 HP, 11.2 kW.